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Yehweh, The God You Worship, Is The Devil You Fear!!!

Posted by Aye on April 22, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)




Yehweh, The God You Worship,

Is The Devil You Fear!!!



Yehweh the God you worship, is in fact the Devil you fear.

When I look at the condition of the planet today, it all becomes so clear to me. We are living in the End Of Days, The Revelation, The Apocalypse, The Unveiling.


We have been deceived! Everything taught to us regarding God, history, and science is a lie! Now is the time to remove the veil and open Our eyes to the Truth!


I have always believed in the One God Concept. I believed that the God of the Bible was the father of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I often wondered why theses groups have decided to divide themselves and war against one another rather that to join as one entity united by the ‘One True God’. Many have speculated that there is a difference in certain doctrine and beliefs.


The events of today has proven to me that while there may be One Divine Source Creator of All that is. There were many who claimed to be as much. They are responsible for the separation of the religions. Who? For those of you who may have by chance actually read my book Our Divine Story you are familiar with The Holy Trinity, Enlil, Enki, and Nimah. I will not recap what I have already written because I feel the best way to absorb the truth is to find it on your on.


Let Aye now state that I don’t expect most of who might read this to believe what I am stating. Not because I know it’s all lies, but quite the opposite. I am not asking that you believe what I say, only consider the possibilities.


It is my belief that Enlil is no other than Yehweh, Enki: Allah, I do not believe that Nimah claimed to be a Deity, but she aligned herself with Enki. Enlil, Enki and Nimah are half siblings, they share the same father but not the same mothers. Enki and Nimah had many daughters, but only one son. Enki desired a son from his sister very much because as eldest son to Anu, a son with his sister would put their son in line for succession. Here you will find a bit of history on The Anunnaki:


There is so much information that has been lied about I’m not sure where to begin. So I think I will start with today. Today the world is at war against terrorism. After decades of portraying Islam as the religion of terrorism the world appears to accept that deception. 911 Kicked off the war on Islam. After the US ‘left’ Afghanistan, the US and the UN left the terrorist group that they created ISIS, all manner of weapons and military equipment leaving them more than prepared to conquer the Middle East. While we are all aware that between the UN and the US we could take ISIS out, they claim they want to help Iraq conquer ISIS on her own. LOL In the mean while ISIS is destroying city after city looting all along the way. ISIS has destroyed countless ancient temples and sites. Why??? Are they Christian in origin? Not! While you watch the media they place an emphasis on the anti Christian aspect of ISIS. But ISIS has in fact attacked Islam by destroying her historical relicts. Will ISIS march on the Great State of Israel? Provoking Israel to clear the building site for the new Temple? This action would be more than enough reason to officially set of WWIII. If the Dome of the Rock is attacked I believe Righteous Muslins all over the world will rise up in protest.


Seems I got a little off track. Ok How is Enlil (Yehweh) the evil God?

*Enlil’s men circumcised, branded themselves, in order to separate Enlilites from Enkites

*Enlil made Abraham prove loyalty by being willing to kill one of his sons, blood sacrifices continue to be part of his ritual even until this very day.

*Jacob/Israel saw a UFO and beat an Anunnaki

*Joseph saved Egypt and brought Israelites here,

*Moses and Israelites left Egypt,

*Enlil’s tablets ordered Israelites to reject Anunnaki and subjugate women

*Enlil led David to establish his kingdom and

*Enlil had Jezebel murdered and Israel torn apart for tolerance.


When it was decided to create Adam and Eve it was Enki who conceived the idea, Enlil who opposed the idea, and Nihmah and Enki’s son who performed the task. Enlil has despised Humanity since our conception. He will claim that he was opposed to creating a Slave Race, but truth is he benefits the most from our creation and has indeed sought out to enslave the entire planet which up until now has been very successful. Through one religion or the other, one government or the other. Religion was created to teach man morality. The Great Enlil redesigned religion as a very powerful tool for CONTROL. Enlil has ruled the world through his bloodline, religion, and money. While claiming to be an all merciful God. And in the name of God we go to war after war and who is it that benefits from these wars? His Bloodline. He will also claim to be the Father of Jesus. This too is a lie. (I have no real proof but I believe that Enki is the Biological father of Jesus). I believe that Jesus came to reveal the lies being spread across the planet by Enlil and his loyal offspring. For this of course Jesus had to die. HE put a great spin on that lie, “I sent my only begotten son to die for your sins”. Imagine that!!! The almighty God playing the guilt card. Why would God need such tactics? Go back and read your bible. Notice how bipolar your God is, notice how angry God tends to get. Always blackmailing his people. The God you worship is the Devil you fear. The great deceiver is he!!! It is often stated in the bible that we should have no other God before him. How many Gods were there? I can not respect the concept that The Almighty God is threatened by a piece of metal or wood that one might revere. He even goes so far as to refer to himself as an envious God. HUH??? God envious of metal or wood? I think not! I know that there were other so called gods on the planet and Enlil’s clan and Enki’s clan were in constant disagreement. So Enlil claimed to be Enki in many instances to deceive those who were loyal to Enki. He claims to be the one to warn Noah about the Calamitous flood. A LIE! It was he who made all the gods swear not to warn the Humans of the flood because he wanted us to perish. Enlil was more than furious when he discovered that Noah survived. He wanted to kill Enki with his bare hands for allowing humanity to survive. He sees Us as an abomination that never should have been created.



Now let’s talk about his bloodlines. Most of the royal families of Europe.


“The Bloodlines then intermarried within the clan of pure hybrids and kept the family line going. This is why the Presidents of the United States are all cousins, third cousins, ninth cousin, etc. Researchers who have followed their bloodlines back far enough have noticed that ‘strangely enough’ all these Men of Power seem to be related somehow. It is not so strange if we know how it was done. The aliens thought that if a person was of their blood, they were for them, more than the rest of humanity, and could rule and control them on behalf of the gods.”


There is a lot of information/misinformation on the bloodlines online. One must do the research to learn for self. From the research that I have done I am convinced that The Rothchilds, Royal Family, and most of The US presidents are of the Enlil’s bloodline. If he is the all merciful God why does his bloodline do so much evil? Do not be fooled!!! He has deceived you long enough. The God you worship is in fact the Devil you fear.


Jesus did not incarnate on this Earth to die for our sins, he died to free us from sin and spiritual exploitation. Yehweh will return or his son as his emissary. Yehweh is responsible for the injustice that exist in our world today. He spread that demon seed of deciet. Yehweh is an EVIL God that has no love, compassion, or empathy for Human Kind on this planet. Our fears, insecurities, sexual deviance, and violence towards one another is how he gets HIGH. It is his drug of choice and so he keeps that masses dumb and on their knees praying for a miracle that he knows will never come. His bloodline causes wars all over the planet to feed his insatiable appetite for blood, fear and violence. They own all the banks so war will never end unless we go nuclear and nothing is left. Which I’m sure he would not mind except for the fact that he would have no more slaves and no more food.



©Forealsister Designs 2015


Let's talk about having sex: verses making Love

Posted by Aye on December 15, 2013 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Let’s talk about having sex: verses making Love

Ok so I’ve been asked how I can go so long with out sex. Truth is I don’t really like to because I have a nice sized sexual appetite. But I find it hard to get sexual satisfaction. So I would rather not have sex than to be constantly disappointed. When I was married I had actually convinced myself that I didn’t like sex rather than cheat on my husband who had never satisfied me in that area. So I guess I conditioned myself to be able to do without it.


I also find to hard to have booty calls these days because I feel like its just empty sex, no passion. With out passion or love what is the point of having sex??? If I’m not in Love with the man that I am having sex with, or at least feel the potential of Love, I can’t give myself completely sexually. I will always hold back and not give my all during sex, just enough to release some tension. That in itself is disappointing. So for me sex without Love and or Passion is just not worth the Energy.


What do you think?

Once you’ve made Love can you really go back to just having Sex?



Posted by Aye on June 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)


This country has a mental health issue that is being over medicated and not addressed. The medication seems to be causing more problems than they are solving. I am just a concerned citizen and parent, doing my best to raise emotionally stable children. Today’s youth have so much more to deal with than we did yesterday. At least yesterday we had some semblance of a stable family, not that things were perfect than. But we are Wiser now. Hopefully. We educate our youth in language, arithmetic, and science during their earliest years. Why not include psychology? Is it not as important for us to understand how the human mind works as the human body? The youth of today for the most part live in dysfunctional families. It is a reality that we must admit and face. Gun control will not stop mass shooting. The war on drugs will not stop the use of drugs, and MOMS against drunk drivers will not stop alcoholics from driving drunk. It has all been tried and not made much of a difference. From my view point things are only getting worse. I propose that America stops putting Band-Aids on infectious wounds, address the real issues, and the REAL ISSUE is America and the World needs to address OUR Mental Health Issues. Until we do, we will continue the path we are currently on and looking at what I see, I am AFRAID VERY AFRAID for Our future and the future of Our planet. On Our current path there is only WAR and if you disarm yourself you will lose, so what is a nation to do? EVOLVE and set the example that America was meant to be the World, Not a society of deceit, But a society of Enlightenment, of Integrity, of Religious freedom, not religious doctrine, of progressive thinkers, not manipulators, the pursuit of happiness is the freedom to choose. Seems to me slowly but surely the people of this nations are losing their right to choose and as a result, The World Suffers.

America has not set the best example.

One Love


Can my strength be my biggest weakness?

Posted by Aye on May 22, 2012 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Can my strength be my biggest weakness?


‘I’m not strong like you Ayesha.’

When I asked my sister why she allowed my mother to use and emotionally and physically abuse her. You see my sister would fight at the drop of a hat. But when it came to our mother she never fought back. She would say to me, 'Ayesha your not supposed to fight your mother, you have to respect her.' This was the answer she gave. I thought that was all well and good but as far as I was concerned respect was a two way street. 

She was my older sister, four years my senior and since my mother had fled an abusive husband she was single. She worked and went to school so the raising of me was left to my sister. She feed me, clothed me and combed my hair before school. She helped me with my homework after school and she cooked dinner if she had to. So you see to me it was my sister who was strong, because no matter how well she did the required task, it was hardly ever to our mother’s satisfaction. And she suffered verbal and physical abuse because of it.

Unlike my older sister I would confront our mother about her moments of insane behavior. The quickest way for me to catch a backhand slap was to look her in the eye and ask her “Why?”. My sister would call me crazy and tell me “You can’t talk to Ummy like that Ayesha!” As meek as I may have been I have never been one to bow down. I have never had a problem questioning authority. If it didn’t make sense to me, then I’m going to need you to explain to me why. For example my chores included making my mother’s bed and cleaning her bedroom. When she remarried and her husband decided to show his true colors and hit my mother, I decided that since he shared her bedroom, it was no longer my responsibility to clean it. When confronted by my mother as to why I had not cleaned her room, I told her, you are my mother he is not my father I will not clean up after him. She gave me the whole rant about how as long as I lived in her house I would do as she says. But I never cleaned her room again and soon after I would leave my mother’s house never to return. I was fifteen years old. I thought I would try my father on for size. My unwillingness to bow down left that relationship in shambles as well.


I don’t recall a lot of my early years but I can recall some of my earliest thoughts. My earliest thoughts were melancholy thoughts about the ugliness in the world. The ugly way that people treated one another. The malicious intent behind words that people spoke to each other. Wishing I was alone on the planet because human beings were just too ugly to bare. I can recall feeling the pain of the people I loved and feeling helpless. I also recall a knowledge that no matter how ugly things looked, A Divine Creator that we are all connected to would never ask me to bare more than I can handle. If I am strong this knowledge is the source of my strength. Although most often I don’t feel strong at all. Most often I feel alone. Theses feelings have not diminished much over the journey of my life. I still long to return home and be surround by LOVE, but I know that my journey is not yet over and I can’t return until my job is done.


I guess the one word that would define my life is a question, ‘WHY?’ I must know why.

It is a question that I have not stopped asking. I have to know why I am here, still looking for that answer in it’s entirety. Why, is an essential question if we are to make any sense of life. So don’t be afraid to ask a question in life. You can’t find the answer until you ask the question. I guess the question ‘Why/’ would be another source of my strength. Or, is it possible that the knowledge of knowing a Divine Creator would not ask me to bare more than I can handle give me the courage to ask why in a world consumed by lies?


To live life in fear is to never know Love,

To know Love we must live life fearlessly,

Be true to ourselves and choose your sacrifices wisely,

For what you sacrifice may determine your fate.


Is my perceived strength actually a weakness?

I guess the answer to that depends on one’s perception.


One Love










Excerpt from I Am Aye

Posted by Aye on July 31, 2011 at 11:01 AM Comments comments (2)

Excerpt from ‘I Am Aye’


What is Love?



Love is acceptance. Love is forgiveness. Love does not hinder. Love heals. Where darkness once reigned Love can bring light and start all over again. There is no fear in Love. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear breads hatred.’

If love is all these things, why does it cause so much pain? Not just emotional and psychological pain but actual physical pain. Love does not cause any of this pain. Our lack of overstanding of love causes this pain. Our inability to truly conceive of love, our misconceptions of love, and that wonderful invention called TV has humanity’s perception of reality nothing more than a fantasy. I Am Aye is a book of my emotional poetry but I have to get spiritual on this issue of Love. Because it comes from above. Love is not a physical issue, it is a spiritual issue. In order to overstand as much as we Earth humans can we have to go to the Source which the majority of us know as God. Anyone who has a true relationship with God knows the answer to all of my questions.

Any reporter will tell you if you want answers, go to the source. Mind you, I said the Source, not his would be, could be, wanna be messenger. That is what Jesus came to teach us and they killed him for it, called it blasphemy. When He clearly stated worship the Father not me. That is why he is called the Son. That is another misconceived page in His Story. …..


So to the Source I went. I asked Him because He is the only one who knows me better than me. Is my love true or was this just not meant to be? Why am I in so much pain? Why is it taking so long to heal? Why can I not stop loving this man?

And as only God can He showed me all that I needed to see, based in my own experience.

How I do love His Mercy. From beginning to end He showed me that it wasn’t love that failed me. To my surprise it was none other than Aye.


‘Love can not be bought or sold. Love is not control. Love comes from the soul. Love is unconditional. Love is universal. Love has no beginning. Love has no END. Love is infinite. Love has no expectations. Love is acceptance. Love is forgiveness. Love does not hinder. Love heals. Where darkness once reigned Love can bring light and start all over again. There is no fear in Love. Fear is the opposite of Love. Fear breads hatred.’

This is what God told me.

It was only then did I realize that I had placed expectations, conditions, time limits, no acceptance, very little forgiveness, and I tried to control love and in doing so caused myself years of pain and emotional torment. The man I loved simply asked me to accept his love as is and love him still and I refused to because it did not meet my expectations of what love should be. So I proceeded to attempt to kill the feelings I had for him to no avail. This was the main source of my pain, trying to kill what I felt and make sure I never felt it again, (baggage). ’Love has no beginning, love has no end, Love is infinite’.

You can not kill it!


One World Socialistic Government

Posted by Aye on July 28, 2011 at 4:33 PM Comments comments (2)



Take a moment and erase all the negative things you may think about socialism. Imagine if you will all the nations on Earth united in peace. Instead of many nations in constant conflict, one nation united. What is needed to achieve such a feat? In my opinion, in order to bring about a peaceful world, I think we first have to address the issue of our nation’s emotional and mental health. There is a great portion of our society that have suffered emotional trauma from abuse, neglect, poverty, over privilege and a number of other varying reasons. Most often this trauma goes unaddressed and unresolved. It is likely that the cycle of abuse will continue one generation to the next. We tend to remain victims of our abuse and for some of us the abuse last a life time. This is what leads a teenager to pick up a M16 rifle and go to school and start shooting. The bully is just labeled a bully, the cause of his behavior never addressed. The angry child is labeled trouble maker and the cause of the anger never addressed. The withdrawn child labeled a good student, the cause of the withdrawal never addressed. The criminal is thrown in jail with no chance of rehabilitation in the system because the cause for his crime is not addressed. And we wonder why our society is so screwed up. Every one is too preoccupied with their occupation or latest reality show. No is one paying any real attention to the cause of our societal ailments. Instead of looking at the core of our problems we put band aids on gunshot wounds and expect them to heal. When in fact the band aid is just covering up the wound and the wound will eventually get infected and cause even more problems.

The mental and emotional health of our society should be foremost on our agenda.

Deficit, debt ceiling, high taxes for the poor, low taxes for the rich, higher slaveries for your compromised integrity, lower salaries for your sense of morality. It’s all bull shit and lies!!!!

I’m all for a One World Socialistic Government.

What is wrong with distributing the world’s worth and resources equally among its communities? Greed is what keeps this socialism evil.

The entertainment industry has perverted our gifts for the Arts. Religion has exploited our humanity, spirituality and philosophy. The Health care system is killing us. The Government exploits and enslaves us. And the Justice system is a joke on us.

How long will this bullshit go on?

One Love



My Father's Love

Posted by Aye on July 6, 2011 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Never having had my father in my life

My heart has been filled with pain and strife

Longing for my father’s unconditional love

I go through life with no protective glove

No one to teach me what it is to have a man’s love

So into the wrong man’s arm’s I fled

Impregnated with his child, I felt obligated to wed

Now I am destined to be the woman he envisions in his head

My identity forsaken, for the role of mother and wife I have taken

Still I have never known my father’s love

In earnest I strive to raise my children,

In hopes that they will never know my pain.

Once again my efforts in vain.

A father they have but a Dad they lack

When I decided to reclaim self

Another woman he breed with out even a glance back

And still I long for my father’s love…..



Oh What a Tribe

Posted by Aye on June 25, 2011 at 11:18 AM Comments comments (2)

Oh what a tribe we would be

Across vast lands and over every sea,

Should We stand United,

What a Tribe We would be

Can you see the intricate tapestry?

Imagine if you will how sublime it could be

The world at peace

Finally One Family

Oh What a Tribe we would be





Misinformation, Misleading Nations........

Posted by Aye on June 10, 2011 at 8:52 AM Comments comments (3)





Ignorance is perpetuated with misinformation. This practice began long ago as a way to control the masses. The ruling elite have been manipulating the masses since the first Human kingdom was established. They decide what the Public will know or not know. Any one who stands in opposition of the established authority is charged with treason. The penalty for treason is usually death.

It is my belief and has always been that the war we are fighting in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan is not about terror, oil or regional political stability. It is about Ancient Artifacts, Technology, All of Human History, and Ancient Spaceports.

Iran, Iraq, Northeastern Syria, and Southeastern Turkey were once a single land, known in ancient times as Mesopotamia. With in these lands, the Garden of Eden is located.

It is also believed that there are ancient weapons of mass destruction (like the ones used in Sodom and Gomorra), and ancient crystals containing all of Human History hidden somewhere in these lands..

I have been talking about the ‘new’ planet or star if you will, that is in the sky, this planet enters our galaxy every 3,600 years. It was the colliding of this planet into the Earth, known in ancient times as Tiamat, that planted the seed of Life, and created the Moon and the Milky Way.

The Mayan calendar ends Dec 21, 2012, if our current calendar is accurate then the last time this planet came to visit was 3,600 years ago. That does not mean that life on Earth is about to end. They promised Us they would never allow all of Humankind to perish as is the day of Noah. But I do believe life as we know it will end.

Who is ‘They’ you ask? They are Our Creators. “Let Us make a Man in Our own image”

It was two brothers and a sister who are responsible for Our creation. In the original language that the Books that comprise the bible was written, the word ‘Elohim’ which means combined gods and goddesses was replace by translators as a singular god. When in fact the word Elohim is the plural for the word Eloh the singular. By this simple word replacement they have deceived Us as to Our True History. So began the plot to exploit your mind, your spirit, your very Humanity.




In this day and age is it really so hard to believe that there is intelligent life outside of Our galaxy? Yes, this planet that is visible in our sky right now without the use of a telescope, has on it Human Life. Imagine that!!! They created Us, do you think that they would not check in on Us? I hope that they make their presence known to All of mankind on Dec 21, 2012. I hope that this is the Great Revelation that will free Mankind from chains of Spiritual Bondage. Raise our consciousness to realize Our True Potential and Place in the Universal Community.


Think me Krazy? Do some research, ask a Damn QUESTION!!!!!!


Foreal Tho!!!

One Love,





Un Resolved Emotional Trauma

Posted by Aye on June 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)



Un Resolved Emotional Trauma


I often say that we carry our emotional trauma as strength. Most often the abuse that we endure during our youth, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or metal abuse, goes un addressed. We deal with it how ever we can. There are no counselors for us. Most often then abuse is buried in our sub conscious. And we go through life appearing ‘normal’ un affected. Until the abuse manifest it’s self in other ways. Through alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

I think we all know the person that has a few drinks and relives the past. It’s like it all just happened. We listen as they relive the past pain that has never healed. We may even join in and relive the past with them. They become as children again and feel so alone and hopeless. The un seen emotional wounds have to be healed. We can no longer afford to simply deal with them. Just because we can not see the wounds does not mean we can not see the effects of them. We see the effects in ‘dysfunctional families’, we see them in our in secure brothers and sisters. We see them in the divorce rates. We see them in our lost children. We see them in our own personal relationships. The emotional condition of Human society is in need of healing.

I think there should be counseling should be available to all members of every community. The Mental Health of the Nation should concern the government, is not Metal Health a part of Public Health? Medication for depression does not address the cause of the depression. The cause has to be addressed if the condition is to be healed. If the medication is not helping the patient to realize the cause of the condition, what is the point of the medication?

I believe that for every Human ailment there is a Spiritual cause and cure. We have to stop looking at every one else’s issues and look at our own. We can’t cure another’s issues but we can start to cure our own. We have to look at the pain of our past. The source of the pain, we have to forgive whom ever needs to be forgiven most importantly we have to be able to forgive ourselves. We have to take responsibility, we have to know that it is ok to love yourself. This is how we begin the healing process. We have to let go of anger, anger hurts you the most. We have to know that fear is the opposite of Love, there is no fear in Love. Don’t look to others for the Love you require, know that you have an abundance of Love available to you through the Breath of Life who is your Creator. You need not seek it from another, The Breath of Life is Love. Pure Love is the cure All. We must learn to Love our selves the Way The Breath Loves then can we truly Love each other. Through Love the abuse can end. The abuse we inflict upon ourselves and others.

One Love




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