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Posted by Aye on May 22, 2011 at 11:36 AM Comments comments (2)


Not One shall be left behind!

You speak to me of a Kingdom that is to come.

You say that Kingdom is a government that shall

Rule the Earth in Peace Forever and ever AMEN.

I say to you that, that Kingdom will come because

it was spoken by the ONE!

But the Second Coming is not as you believe

You must regress back to childlike state of being

Back to a place when your mind could conceive

Of the Kingdom that is to come

The Kingdom that was spoken of by the ONE.

The Kingdom of God lives within the Hearts and Currently “The Un Consciousness” of mankind.

In order that we may grow we are given all the time we need so that ALL may KNOW.

This is the grace of the ONE that we serve. All things shall serve This purpose.

Did Jesus not say “Love Thy Neighbor as You Love Yourself”?

“Let He who is without sin cast the First stone”

Do you believe that Jesus would tell us to Love our enemy and not do the same Himself?

The ONE I serve sets the example for mankind. I shall try and follow in his foot steps.

Every Knee shall bow And every tongue shall confess: Jesus Christ is King of Kings, Lords of Lords And EVERLASTING SHALL BE HIS REIGN. AMEN!

Not one is exempt!

ALL must repent!

Not One shall be left behind!

This is the prayer that I pray for mankind.

In order for mankind to realize this Kingdom

A shift in consciousness

“The Holy Ghost” must occur

If you will, within every human on the planet.

Is this not within the ALMIGHTY’S power?

No not One shall be left behind,

This is my prayer for mankind.

All we need is a little more time.

Peace, Love, Unity




What is the glue that holds relationships between couples together?

Posted by Aye on May 18, 2011 at 9:47 AM Comments comments (4)



What is the glue that holds relationships between couples together?


In a relationship what is the deal breaker? Usually it is betrayal. Sexual betrayal, Financial betrayal, or the monster of the trinity Emotional Betrayal. What sort of betrayal would make you end a relationship with the person that you committed yourself to?

For every individual I believe the answer is different or varies at some level or another. For most sexual betrayal seems to be the main cause of relationship break ups. I have to ask the question, WHY? We are sexual beings, this fact can not be denied. Do we choose our mate based on their sexuality? I mean do we choose to commit ourselves to another person based on the sex? Sex is a physical act that lasts only a moment. What does it mean? Do you love every person that you have sex with? I guess the real question is do we marry for sex or love?

When I was married, yes I would like for my husband to be faithful to me. But if he was not would that have been the catalyst that destroyed our marriage? For me I can say no. I know human nature all to well. I knew that my husband’s body did not belong to me. I hoped that his heart did. As it turned out neither belonged to me. At the end of our days together I suspected that he was cheating, but I honestly didn’t care. Maybe because at that point I was no longer invested in our marriage. Yes I was having an affair. I was for the first time in my life in a relationship with a person that I thought was long gone out of my life. She had found me after twelve years and asked me one simple question: “Is Mama happy?” Her name is Aye. We have been inseparable since.

Sexual Betrayal can be very painful, the thought of the one you love entangled in another’s sexual embrace. Yes that is hard to even envision much less deal with. Financial betrayal, I think this is the number one reason that marriages break up. Emotional Betrayal is the one betrayal that I would have a hard time forgiving. This betrayal is the worst of the three for me. The thought of another woman replacing me in the one that I love’s heart, this would be most difficult for me. I can deal sexual betrayal, (not that it would be an easy task) I would rather you give your sex to another woman than to give her your heart.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to you but sex in our day and age is over rated. It seems to me that we are a society pre-occupied with sex. So much emphasis is placed on sex in relationships, but is sex really the glue that keeps relationships together? Or is sex the catalyst that destroys them?

My sex is my sex, I give it to whom I choose when I choose. Does that mean I don’t love you? What if men have had it right all these years? Lol I mean really when they spit it to us we call it bullshyt. ‘Baby, it was just sex!!! She don’t mean shyt to me.’ Haven’t we all heard that? ‘It was a mistake, Baby I LOVE YOU!!!!’ Hey maybe they meant that shyt Foreal!

Monogamy is a choice. Should it be a condition of a relationship or marriage?



Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Aye on May 7, 2011 at 10:54 AM Comments comments (2)



This Mother’s Day, I would like to give a shout out to all the sorry ass mothers who have failed to raise their children. What Up?

Your legs apparently. Giving up pussy like candy on Halloween. Making babies, but not raising them. Just because you bring them home from the hospital and feed them does not mean you are fulfilling your responsibility as a mother. When you become a mother your world no longer revolves around you. Now your responsibility is far greater. Now it is your responsibility to raise an emotionally stable, productive member of society. And you have failed miserably.

Now we have a society of emotionally retarded men and women. And no one wants to take responsibility. Instead we (women) complain that Black men ain’t shit. Well Happy Mother’s Day! You raised the Sorry Ass Black Man that you want to complain about. Same goes for the sorry ass black woman, who’s self esteem is so low that she believes her ass is her only asset. She was not raised by a mother, but by a day care system, and the school system, the neighborhood that she lives in and the after school program. If she is lucky she has a grandparent that still values life, and is not a teenager herself.

If you are not prepared to raise a child. Stop making them!!!! Children need parents not live in baby sitters.

One Love




Posted by Aye on April 24, 2011 at 12:57 PM Comments comments (2)

Gold Digger

So you think I’m a gold digger

Your pockets ain’t that deep niggar

You must not know about me

Must have forgot you lived here for free?

Ate for free, fucked for free, bath your ass for free?

Niggar how dare you try me

What have you ever done for me?

I think you got me twisted

Wit dat chick named Teresa

Just because we were both born under the sign of Sag

Don’t put me in the same class

With her gold digging, manipulative lying ass

Not to mention giving her half your bail

When she was going to leave your ass in jail

My pussy is not for sale, never has been

You’ll wish it was once you realize

You can never get in it again

The more I think about it

The less I even want to be your friend.

Because the way it looks right now

It was all bullshit from beginning to the end.



Self Sacrifice

Posted by Aye on April 24, 2011 at 12:16 PM Comments comments (0)



Self Sacrifice


Since the day we were born we have been taught that the righteous sacrifice. So we go through life sacrificing our wants and needs for those of the ones we love.

I say it is all bull shit and lies. Another system of control, within a system of control.

It is my Truth that when God said ‘Put me before all others’, He was speaking about the God in Me, which is the Breath of Life that animates us all. I did not come into this life to live it for others or another person’s benefit. I came to live my life by my standards and to experience Love, Pain and Growth. Now I choose to make certain sacrifices. But that is my choice. I will not sacrifice my happiness, peace of mind, or lively hood because the government or the Church says that I should. Who are they to determine what sacrifices I should make in my life? It is Aye and Aye alone who will determine the sacrifices I make.

I think it is called freedom.




Marduk I Ain't Mad At You

Posted by Aye on April 18, 2011 at 9:57 AM Comments comments (0)

Marduk I ain?t mad at you,


Son of the Artful Fashioner you are,

Leader of the Rebels on Mars,

Worshipped in the Ancient Land of Egypt

As the Sun god RA,

Where you honored your father as Ptah.

Your Prince Hood on Nibiru forsaken

For your wife, One you Us you have taken.

The king and master of Earth to be.

This is the vision that you came to see.

But you were constantly denied your right to supremacy.

Weather by fate or destiny.

Envious of Ianna?s lover, your very own brother.

So your brother you betrayed, Ianna grieved,

Went to the underworld, her love to retrieve and bury in his grave.

Only your death will satisfy her rage.

The Great War begins??.

You were tried and convicted as an instigator of murder.

Sentenced to be buried alive?.

For a thousand years did you remain.

During that time did you think of Cain?

Later forgiven and release but forced into exile.

Peace you did not find?.

Ianna?s Kingdom continued to thrive.

Unsatisfied with what you were allotted.

Now against Ianna you plotted.

The War begins again

We ALL know it is time for it to end.

For far too long we have fought this war?.

And very few of us even know what we are fighting for.

Has your time to reign not come and gone?

Come now let?s bring the family peace.

Is it really so hard to forgive and forget?


?ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Forealsister Designs Andrea Erskine 2007


Lack Of Knowledge

Posted by Aye on April 9, 2011 at 8:12 AM Comments comments (0)

Lack of knowledge is killing my brethren.

I see them on the streets everyday;

I want so desperately to show them The Way.

I yell, I scream, I get up in their face,

But they see me, they can’t feel me,

They won’t let me penetrate their space.

This bubble we live in will surely carry us off to a far away place,

Where there is no light.

We have the Power to leave this place,

Free your mind and find your space

It is vast and not contained don’t waste your time being vain.

Turn yourself inside out and find out what your life is about.

You’ll be surprised at what you might find

Lurking within the depths of your mind,

Knowledge is key to everything in the universe we see.

Everything is not as it seems.

We are all caught up in a great big scene

Trying to collect that mighty Green.

Waiting for a savior to do us a Favor,

Rapture, Redemption, Religion

How does it all fit in or is it just a prison?

What do you know about it?

You’re just its Victim!

©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Forealsister Designs Andrea Erskine 2001



Posted by Aye on February 7, 2011 at 9:12 AM Comments comments (4)




I know it has been more than a few days since I have written a blog. It is because I was experiencing this blog and had to wait until the experience was complete. Which it will never be fully complete, but the lessons that I have had reiterated to me over the past few years, I have seen myself grow from. It is an amazing thing to consciously put effort into making a change with in yourself for the betterment of self and loved ones. I have witnessed growth within myself and it is a transforming experience. I feel emotionally stronger, confident and secure within myself. I have finally began to mange the stress in my life by simply changing how I react to negative situations. Stress is only stress if you allow it to be.

We may not be able to control life’s circumstances, but we can control how we react to them. What we view as negative situations are only as negative as the Energy we chose to feed it. Consider for a moment that Energy is a Vibration, the same way that vibration travels and gains momentum is the same was Energy travels. This Energy in generated in the brain in theform of thought, the vibration from that thought travels to your mouth, pickingup momentum as it travels. You get the picture? A process that I have been working on for years to learn is the controlling of my thoughts. I think very few people know the true power of thought. We walk around and allow our thoughts to control us. We should be controlling our own thoughts. Instead we allow television, the media, religion and our occupations to determine what we think, and very few of us leave this Earth knowing our full potential. We have the power to control our thoughts and manifest them into reality. ‘Oh yea of little faith’ not to be so bold as to correct Jesus, but more so the editors of His words…..’Oh yea of little KNOWLEDGE’.

So here is a little exercise for you to try; when you find yourself caught up in a negative situation try not to engage the negativity in your brain. Try instead to change that ‘negative into a positive picture’(Lauryn Hill). Learn to identify negative thoughts and dismiss them or change them. Stress comes from the things that we worry about, try to stop worrying and see if you don’t see the solution more clearly. Our thoughts can block out other thoughts choose wisely the thoughts you choose to focus on. If you worry about getting sick, chances are you will because your thoughts choose that for you. If you worry about your bills, I can guarantee they will continue to pileup. If you worry about being a victim guess what? You will be a victim. Your thoughts will manifest themselves into your reality. The choice is ours. This is what the Buddhist mean we they say ‘your life is the result of all that you have thought’.

Learn the power of thought. Use it for the betterment of Humankind. We have always had the Power to change our world, what we lacked was knowledge. Know Thy Self!



Each One Teach One,

Each One Love One




My Sweet Slow Country Boy

Posted by Aye on January 30, 2011 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (2)

My sweet, slow, country boy,

In the short time I’ve know you

You’ve bought me so much joy

Always there for me in my time of need

Not once did you plant a negative seed

In my heart for you, a place there

Will always be, because you are

The best boy friend I never had

The day that I realized what I felt

For you can never be, for me was oh so sad

And you were worried if I was mad

No my Prince, angry with you I could never be

You showed me Love and you Respected me

And you never did lie to me

You gave me a glimpse of how it should be

You showed me a man Worthy of me

It hurts me to know that she found you first

I hope that she is worthy of you

For in you I see A Heart that is honest and true

And I know that I am worthy of you

But I will treasure the glimpse of what

God may have in store for me,

The way that a man should be

So I thank you my sweet, slow, country boy

It’s hard for me to say good bye,

But as you said,

I Am worthy of so much more


©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Forealsister Designs Andrea Erskine 2011

Sex Before Conversation.....Foreal?

Posted by Aye on January 23, 2011 at 7:51 AM Comments comments (7)


I am a divorced single mom. I am not looking to date specifically, but I would like a companion that I can spend time with doing simple things like read a book together, or watch a movie with. Some one that I can have stimulating conversation with, and if good sex could happen I would not be opposed to that. When I was a young girl there was an art to dating, or courting as it was called back then. (Dwight Guillory the Master of this Art form)

You would meet a guy, decide that you like him and would like to get to know him better. So you invite him over to meet the family. If he gets the family approval you were allowed to court each other. Courting meant he could come over for dinner, and family events. You would be allowed to go on a supervised or un supervised date to dinner and a movie or the fair. Remember the scenario? Now it seems that a date is a dvd and some ass.

Let Aye make some things very clear to ALL men who want to approach me,

I am forty one years old, a full grown woman with three children two of which are boys.

I am tired of men approaching me and expecting that because they show some interest in me, I should be ready to drop my drawers and give up ass. It ain’t happening!!!!!

A ‘man’ recently approached me telling me how he has always wanted to be ‘something’ to me. I suggested we have dinner and maybe go shoot a game of pool to get better acquainted, and this ‘man’ said to me “you need to run ahead on with that bullshit”. WTF? Is this how it is done now foreal? Man ask for ass, woman must give? Ladies STOP IT!!!! There is a reason men think that they can disrespect you and in the same sentence ask you for ass. Stop giving yourself to every man that ask. Learn something about him first, like his name!

I have a few ‘men friends’ who are under the misguided illusion that one day I will give up the ass as long as they keep pretending to be a friend. They have been waiting for years and will continue to wait. The really insulting part is they think that I am completely unaware of their motives for wanting to be my ‘friend’. What about the ‘man’ who will actually physically attack you because you won’t give him the time of day? Yes, I have had a man attack me because the man I was interested in was handicap, in a wheel chair. He asked me why I would want to be with a man who couldn’t fuck me. WTF? I replied ‘because he is a Man and not a little boy with a stick he can’t stop playing with.’ And that caused me to be attacked by a ‘man’ as if I were a Man. Here’s the emotionally retarded ‘man’ who thinks because you are nice to him once and allowed him conversation that you are now emotionally tied to each other. Or the fool that you chatted with online once and now he is in love?


I guess the question is how in this day and age how does one approach the idea of starting a relationship when these days sex comes before conversation?




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