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Posted by Aye on June 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM


This country has a mental health issue that is being over medicated and not addressed. The medication seems to be causing more problems than they are solving. I am just a concerned citizen and parent, doing my best to raise emotionally stable children. Today’s youth have so much more to deal with than we did yesterday. At least yesterday we had some semblance of a stable family, not that things were perfect than. But we are Wiser now. Hopefully. We educate our youth in language, arithmetic, and science during their earliest years. Why not include psychology? Is it not as important for us to understand how the human mind works as the human body? The youth of today for the most part live in dysfunctional families. It is a reality that we must admit and face. Gun control will not stop mass shooting. The war on drugs will not stop the use of drugs, and MOMS against drunk drivers will not stop alcoholics from driving drunk. It has all been tried and not made much of a difference. From my view point things are only getting worse. I propose that America stops putting Band-Aids on infectious wounds, address the real issues, and the REAL ISSUE is America and the World needs to address OUR Mental Health Issues. Until we do, we will continue the path we are currently on and looking at what I see, I am AFRAID VERY AFRAID for Our future and the future of Our planet. On Our current path there is only WAR and if you disarm yourself you will lose, so what is a nation to do? EVOLVE and set the example that America was meant to be the World, Not a society of deceit, But a society of Enlightenment, of Integrity, of Religious freedom, not religious doctrine, of progressive thinkers, not manipulators, the pursuit of happiness is the freedom to choose. Seems to me slowly but surely the people of this nations are losing their right to choose and as a result, The World Suffers.

America has not set the best example.

One Love


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