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Un Resolved Emotional Trauma

Posted by Aye on June 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM



Un Resolved Emotional Trauma


I often say that we carry our emotional trauma as strength. Most often the abuse that we endure during our youth, whether it be physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or metal abuse, goes un addressed. We deal with it how ever we can. There are no counselors for us. Most often then abuse is buried in our sub conscious. And we go through life appearing ‘normal’ un affected. Until the abuse manifest it’s self in other ways. Through alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

I think we all know the person that has a few drinks and relives the past. It’s like it all just happened. We listen as they relive the past pain that has never healed. We may even join in and relive the past with them. They become as children again and feel so alone and hopeless. The un seen emotional wounds have to be healed. We can no longer afford to simply deal with them. Just because we can not see the wounds does not mean we can not see the effects of them. We see the effects in ‘dysfunctional families’, we see them in our in secure brothers and sisters. We see them in the divorce rates. We see them in our lost children. We see them in our own personal relationships. The emotional condition of Human society is in need of healing.

I think there should be counseling should be available to all members of every community. The Mental Health of the Nation should concern the government, is not Metal Health a part of Public Health? Medication for depression does not address the cause of the depression. The cause has to be addressed if the condition is to be healed. If the medication is not helping the patient to realize the cause of the condition, what is the point of the medication?

I believe that for every Human ailment there is a Spiritual cause and cure. We have to stop looking at every one else’s issues and look at our own. We can’t cure another’s issues but we can start to cure our own. We have to look at the pain of our past. The source of the pain, we have to forgive whom ever needs to be forgiven most importantly we have to be able to forgive ourselves. We have to take responsibility, we have to know that it is ok to love yourself. This is how we begin the healing process. We have to let go of anger, anger hurts you the most. We have to know that fear is the opposite of Love, there is no fear in Love. Don’t look to others for the Love you require, know that you have an abundance of Love available to you through the Breath of Life who is your Creator. You need not seek it from another, The Breath of Life is Love. Pure Love is the cure All. We must learn to Love our selves the Way The Breath Loves then can we truly Love each other. Through Love the abuse can end. The abuse we inflict upon ourselves and others.

One Love



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