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One World Socialistic Government

Posted by Aye on July 28, 2011 at 4:33 PM



Take a moment and erase all the negative things you may think about socialism. Imagine if you will all the nations on Earth united in peace. Instead of many nations in constant conflict, one nation united. What is needed to achieve such a feat? In my opinion, in order to bring about a peaceful world, I think we first have to address the issue of our nation’s emotional and mental health. There is a great portion of our society that have suffered emotional trauma from abuse, neglect, poverty, over privilege and a number of other varying reasons. Most often this trauma goes unaddressed and unresolved. It is likely that the cycle of abuse will continue one generation to the next. We tend to remain victims of our abuse and for some of us the abuse last a life time. This is what leads a teenager to pick up a M16 rifle and go to school and start shooting. The bully is just labeled a bully, the cause of his behavior never addressed. The angry child is labeled trouble maker and the cause of the anger never addressed. The withdrawn child labeled a good student, the cause of the withdrawal never addressed. The criminal is thrown in jail with no chance of rehabilitation in the system because the cause for his crime is not addressed. And we wonder why our society is so screwed up. Every one is too preoccupied with their occupation or latest reality show. No is one paying any real attention to the cause of our societal ailments. Instead of looking at the core of our problems we put band aids on gunshot wounds and expect them to heal. When in fact the band aid is just covering up the wound and the wound will eventually get infected and cause even more problems.

The mental and emotional health of our society should be foremost on our agenda.

Deficit, debt ceiling, high taxes for the poor, low taxes for the rich, higher slaveries for your compromised integrity, lower salaries for your sense of morality. It’s all bull shit and lies!!!!

I’m all for a One World Socialistic Government.

What is wrong with distributing the world’s worth and resources equally among its communities? Greed is what keeps this socialism evil.

The entertainment industry has perverted our gifts for the Arts. Religion has exploited our humanity, spirituality and philosophy. The Health care system is killing us. The Government exploits and enslaves us. And the Justice system is a joke on us.

How long will this bullshit go on?

One Love



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Reply Audrey
4:18 PM on July 29, 2011 
Once again you have hit the nail on the head. I loe your thoughts. Keep up the goodd work.
Reply Aye
7:10 PM on July 29, 2011 
Thank you Lady Audrey!!

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