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Yehweh, The God You Worship, Is The Devil You Fear!!!

Posted by Aye on April 22, 2015 at 12:50 AM




Yehweh, The God You Worship,

Is The Devil You Fear!!!



Yehweh the God you worship, is in fact the Devil you fear.

When I look at the condition of the planet today, it all becomes so clear to me. We are living in the End Of Days, The Revelation, The Apocalypse, The Unveiling.


We have been deceived! Everything taught to us regarding God, history, and science is a lie! Now is the time to remove the veil and open Our eyes to the Truth!


I have always believed in the One God Concept. I believed that the God of the Bible was the father of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I often wondered why theses groups have decided to divide themselves and war against one another rather that to join as one entity united by the ‘One True God’. Many have speculated that there is a difference in certain doctrine and beliefs.


The events of today has proven to me that while there may be One Divine Source Creator of All that is. There were many who claimed to be as much. They are responsible for the separation of the religions. Who? For those of you who may have by chance actually read my book Our Divine Story you are familiar with The Holy Trinity, Enlil, Enki, and Nimah. I will not recap what I have already written because I feel the best way to absorb the truth is to find it on your on.


Let Aye now state that I don’t expect most of who might read this to believe what I am stating. Not because I know it’s all lies, but quite the opposite. I am not asking that you believe what I say, only consider the possibilities.


It is my belief that Enlil is no other than Yehweh, Enki: Allah, I do not believe that Nimah claimed to be a Deity, but she aligned herself with Enki. Enlil, Enki and Nimah are half siblings, they share the same father but not the same mothers. Enki and Nimah had many daughters, but only one son. Enki desired a son from his sister very much because as eldest son to Anu, a son with his sister would put their son in line for succession. Here you will find a bit of history on The Anunnaki:


There is so much information that has been lied about I’m not sure where to begin. So I think I will start with today. Today the world is at war against terrorism. After decades of portraying Islam as the religion of terrorism the world appears to accept that deception. 911 Kicked off the war on Islam. After the US ‘left’ Afghanistan, the US and the UN left the terrorist group that they created ISIS, all manner of weapons and military equipment leaving them more than prepared to conquer the Middle East. While we are all aware that between the UN and the US we could take ISIS out, they claim they want to help Iraq conquer ISIS on her own. LOL In the mean while ISIS is destroying city after city looting all along the way. ISIS has destroyed countless ancient temples and sites. Why??? Are they Christian in origin? Not! While you watch the media they place an emphasis on the anti Christian aspect of ISIS. But ISIS has in fact attacked Islam by destroying her historical relicts. Will ISIS march on the Great State of Israel? Provoking Israel to clear the building site for the new Temple? This action would be more than enough reason to officially set of WWIII. If the Dome of the Rock is attacked I believe Righteous Muslins all over the world will rise up in protest.


Seems I got a little off track. Ok How is Enlil (Yehweh) the evil God?

*Enlil’s men circumcised, branded themselves, in order to separate Enlilites from Enkites

*Enlil made Abraham prove loyalty by being willing to kill one of his sons, blood sacrifices continue to be part of his ritual even until this very day.

*Jacob/Israel saw a UFO and beat an Anunnaki

*Joseph saved Egypt and brought Israelites here,

*Moses and Israelites left Egypt,

*Enlil’s tablets ordered Israelites to reject Anunnaki and subjugate women

*Enlil led David to establish his kingdom and

*Enlil had Jezebel murdered and Israel torn apart for tolerance.


When it was decided to create Adam and Eve it was Enki who conceived the idea, Enlil who opposed the idea, and Nihmah and Enki’s son who performed the task. Enlil has despised Humanity since our conception. He will claim that he was opposed to creating a Slave Race, but truth is he benefits the most from our creation and has indeed sought out to enslave the entire planet which up until now has been very successful. Through one religion or the other, one government or the other. Religion was created to teach man morality. The Great Enlil redesigned religion as a very powerful tool for CONTROL. Enlil has ruled the world through his bloodline, religion, and money. While claiming to be an all merciful God. And in the name of God we go to war after war and who is it that benefits from these wars? His Bloodline. He will also claim to be the Father of Jesus. This too is a lie. (I have no real proof but I believe that Enki is the Biological father of Jesus). I believe that Jesus came to reveal the lies being spread across the planet by Enlil and his loyal offspring. For this of course Jesus had to die. HE put a great spin on that lie, “I sent my only begotten son to die for your sins”. Imagine that!!! The almighty God playing the guilt card. Why would God need such tactics? Go back and read your bible. Notice how bipolar your God is, notice how angry God tends to get. Always blackmailing his people. The God you worship is the Devil you fear. The great deceiver is he!!! It is often stated in the bible that we should have no other God before him. How many Gods were there? I can not respect the concept that The Almighty God is threatened by a piece of metal or wood that one might revere. He even goes so far as to refer to himself as an envious God. HUH??? God envious of metal or wood? I think not! I know that there were other so called gods on the planet and Enlil’s clan and Enki’s clan were in constant disagreement. So Enlil claimed to be Enki in many instances to deceive those who were loyal to Enki. He claims to be the one to warn Noah about the Calamitous flood. A LIE! It was he who made all the gods swear not to warn the Humans of the flood because he wanted us to perish. Enlil was more than furious when he discovered that Noah survived. He wanted to kill Enki with his bare hands for allowing humanity to survive. He sees Us as an abomination that never should have been created.



Now let’s talk about his bloodlines. Most of the royal families of Europe.


“The Bloodlines then intermarried within the clan of pure hybrids and kept the family line going. This is why the Presidents of the United States are all cousins, third cousins, ninth cousin, etc. Researchers who have followed their bloodlines back far enough have noticed that ‘strangely enough’ all these Men of Power seem to be related somehow. It is not so strange if we know how it was done. The aliens thought that if a person was of their blood, they were for them, more than the rest of humanity, and could rule and control them on behalf of the gods.”


There is a lot of information/misinformation on the bloodlines online. One must do the research to learn for self. From the research that I have done I am convinced that The Rothchilds, Royal Family, and most of The US presidents are of the Enlil’s bloodline. If he is the all merciful God why does his bloodline do so much evil? Do not be fooled!!! He has deceived you long enough. The God you worship is in fact the Devil you fear.


Jesus did not incarnate on this Earth to die for our sins, he died to free us from sin and spiritual exploitation. Yehweh will return or his son as his emissary. Yehweh is responsible for the injustice that exist in our world today. He spread that demon seed of deciet. Yehweh is an EVIL God that has no love, compassion, or empathy for Human Kind on this planet. Our fears, insecurities, sexual deviance, and violence towards one another is how he gets HIGH. It is his drug of choice and so he keeps that masses dumb and on their knees praying for a miracle that he knows will never come. His bloodline causes wars all over the planet to feed his insatiable appetite for blood, fear and violence. They own all the banks so war will never end unless we go nuclear and nothing is left. Which I’m sure he would not mind except for the fact that he would have no more slaves and no more food.



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