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Let's talk about having sex: verses making Love

Posted by Aye on December 15, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Let’s talk about having sex: verses making Love

Ok so I’ve been asked how I can go so long with out sex. Truth is I don’t really like to because I have a nice sized sexual appetite. But I find it hard to get sexual satisfaction. So I would rather not have sex than to be constantly disappointed. When I was married I had actually convinced myself that I didn’t like sex rather than cheat on my husband who had never satisfied me in that area. So I guess I conditioned myself to be able to do without it.


I also find to hard to have booty calls these days because I feel like its just empty sex, no passion. With out passion or love what is the point of having sex??? If I’m not in Love with the man that I am having sex with, or at least feel the potential of Love, I can’t give myself completely sexually. I will always hold back and not give my all during sex, just enough to release some tension. That in itself is disappointing. So for me sex without Love and or Passion is just not worth the Energy.


What do you think?

Once you’ve made Love can you really go back to just having Sex?


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