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Visions In Aye's Heart is a book of poetry that reflects spiritual beliefs & political views. Anytime we discuss politics and spirituality it can easily become controversial. I don't care much for religion or politics. If you ask me I will quickly tell you that I think it's all mostly lies & bullshit.

That is not to say that I don't have a relationship with God. I just don't allow man to define my relationship with the Divine. I have always been aware of a Divine presence in my life. Endowed with the knowledge from my earliest memory that I did not walk alone, and that as hard as life may have appeared to be, I would never be asked to bare a burden that was too large for me. There was other knowledge that I was aware of but could not get confirmation of this knowledge from this physical world that I resided in. So I have always maintained a very close and personal relationship with The Divine, weather studying one of the many religions on Earth or if I had thrown my hands up in frustration and walked away for a time. I always knew I could depend on the Divine.

Whenever I have called on the name of Jesus in a seemingly impossible worldly situation He has on my behalf performed miracles instantaneously!

I Am not Anti God

I Am Anti Religion

I Am Pro Sceince

I believe that God is the Architect of Science.

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  • "Aye, a shining spirit....she writes, speaks and grows within the moment that she is living. You will walk away with her writings tucked inside your mind & heart....left to pond..."
    Kelly Gislason
  • "Wonderful writing style, very humble writer, with great strength, speaks the truth with a lot of great expressions in her writing. Her words just flow off the paper at your hear..."
    Aaron Royer, Poet, New Brunswick, NJ
    Visions in Aye's Heart

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