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The Way


An alternate version of Genesis and The true meaning of Christianity.


Seven years ago I restarted my search for the meaning of the Book of Revelations in the bible. For reasons that I can not explain I felt compelled to find out the real meaning of the Book of Revelations. My search lead me to study with various religious sects, including the Jehovah Witnesses, The Nubians, The Bah Ha Faith as well as the more commonly known Christians and Muslims faiths.After having studied with of these different groups I came to several conclusions. 1.Religion can give mankind structure. 2.Religion has been used to control mankind.

3.All Religion has been polluted with man’s influence.

4.Religion does more to keep mankind separated than it does to unite us.

5.By developing a belief system based in ‘mysticism’ with no tangible evidence of a Supreme God.

6.All Religion came from one Source.

7.Were it not for man’s desire to control and dominate man, combined these Religions could bring forth a new human culture.

At the climax of search I found The Way, or The way found me. What ever the case may be, the words that I read began to resonate in me like not other message had ever before. As I read I found the words confirming many things that I had always believed to true. Things that no one had ever shared with me. Things that I seemed to have innate knowledge of with out having obtained it from an outside source. Knowledge that had lived inside of me. Knowledge that as I read I seemed to be simultaneously recalling as if I had been present, or as if I had written the words myself.


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  • "Aye, a shining spirit....she writes, speaks and grows within the moment that she is living. You will walk away with her writings tucked inside your mind & heart....left to pond..."
    Kelly Gislason
  • "Wonderful writing style, very humble writer, with great strength, speaks the truth with a lot of great expressions in her writing. Her words just flow off the paper at your hear..."
    Aaron Royer, Poet, New Brunswick, NJ
    Visions in Aye's Heart

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