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Soulful Poetry By Aye


The Revision Of I Am Aye!


This is the story that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends........

Human beings have managed to complicate the simplest thing we think we know, LOVE.

After many of years of emotional torment and the lack of funds for therapy, I knew I had to heal me. So Love….. What is love? Is it possible that I don’t know what love is? Do I really love him? How does Love feel? How do you know if love is real? Why do we love some and the love is not returned? These are the questions that I asked myself in order to overstand why I was in pain over love, which is supposed to be bliss.

Is bliss painful? This is the next question that occurred to me. Love has been perceived by the majority as painful and untrue because we have not been taught true love. From the moment we are born conditions are placed on love.


‘Love can not be bought or sold. Love is not control. Love comes from the soul. Love is unconditional. Love is universal. Love has no beginning. Love has no END. Love is infinity. Love has no expectations. Love is acceptance. Love is forgiveness...........

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  • "Aye, a shining spirit....she writes, speaks and grows within the moment that she is living. You will walk away with her writings tucked inside your mind & heart....left to pond..."
    Kelly Gislason
  • "Wonderful writing style, very humble writer, with great strength, speaks the truth with a lot of great expressions in her writing. Her words just flow off the paper at your hear..."
    Aaron Royer, Poet, New Brunswick, NJ
    Visions in Aye's Heart

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